Before immigrating to the US, you were educated in your native country.

You spent years studying to be the best professional in your field.

You were a pharmacist, physical therapist, dentist, lawyer or an IT professional.

Having come to the US, a new challenge of continuing your higher education

or starting your career seems overwhelming while adjusting to a new culture and society.

“Being an immigrant myself, I know exactly what people like you are struggling with. I also understand your mindset because leaving our families, friends, and prestigious jobs back in our native country and starting a new life with no family support or business network is very difficult”Sherlen
“ I am a first generation American who was born and grew up in the US. My parents, who immigrated to this country, were left behind at the workplace because of their level of communication. They were unable to advance even though they had excellent job knowledge and skills. In my 15 years of healthcare industry experience, time and time again people ask me “What can I do to match native-like communication in speaking and writing at the workplace”?Steve

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