Reach Your Goal of Complete TOEFL Success with Sherlen’s private study packages


I offer students complete study packages because this is the best, fastest and most effective way to get your target TOEFL scores . I analyze your current level, then plan and work out the exact steps you need to follow. Students have to work with me for a minimum of one month to create any significant change in their language skills to get high scores in TOEFL.

All instruction is based on a root cause analysis of the student’s reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills while identifying what will shift that student from one level to a high level in knowledge and skill. Erasing their fossilized mistakes in Speaking and Writing is also my expertise as an exam coach.  

My TOEFL training program is based on a very structured, systematic methodology to ensure that your score at TOEFL iBT is a reliable, predictable level of your English — not because you simply got lucky with that day’s topics in the exam. 

Another issue with the TOEFL students is often not having the motivation nor the focus required to succeed because of past exam failures and frustrations.  I do not just teach exam strategies and English. I support my students emotionally so that they have the confidence and mental toughness to be successful. Each student’s challenges directly affect their exam performance. Anything I do to help remove stress and negativity helps improve students’ performances.

Benefits of Working with an Exam Coach

Sherlen provides each student with the following resources

Instant evaluation to determine the weaknesses and strengths at the beginning of the program.

Provide advanced strategies at the beginning of the program so that you don’t waste another minute figuring out how to pass the TOEFL exam.

Create a very systematic, targeted and customized study plan to enable you to reach your Target Score

Identify your fossilized grammar errors to help you write and speak accurately.

Help you write and speak with better vocabulary.

Assign consistent practice and give feedback regularly to track your progress.

Let's Work Together

Have support from an experienced Exam Coach!

Let's Do This

How Does it Work?

All classes are online using advanced software so that you can see my screen, my whiteboard, and the digital books. It will feel like an in-person session. We will also use Microsoft OneNote to share homework and other documents instead of relying on email.


When you sign up for one of my packaged plans, you’re getting my full attention both during and in-between our sessions. Not only do I work with you in the hour we’re together but I also spend another 2 or 3 hours each week creating your personalized weekly plans that are targeted towards improving your weaknesses, preparing resources for you, reviewing your homework to track your progress and planning your lessons. 


That is all part of my full service to you. A lesson package guarantees your place in my schedule and my personalized, total support for the entire time you study with me.

Because of my years of experience with hundreds of students, and success stories,  I know how to get results for you if you follow my advice and proven study method.

Thank you, Sherlen for being a great mentor, for being with me from the beginning until the end. You have taught me so much.  I’m so lucky to have Sherlen as my TOEFL tutor. We worked together on and off for almost one year and she is a big part of my success helping me go through this long, arduous journey. Before I met her, I was so desperate to get 26 in speaking. With Sherlen, I moved my Speaking Score from 18 to 29! -Chuenrat Tanwirat, A Pharmacist from Thailand

I  finally took the TOEFL test, I ended up getting 102 at the end. My score went from 73 to 102, with 26 in Speaking, which was much higher than what I expected to have, so I’m really happy and blessed about that.  A 26 in speaking allows me to apply to a university like Howard or Michigan. If you are a foreign dentist who is trying to apply to the international dental programs and you need a competitive score in TOEFL, I am pleased to highly recommend professor Sherlen. She will contribute greatly to your success as a dentist in the United States. Thank you so much for your help, Sherlen. It was an honor being your student!  – Yanairde Somarriba, A Dentist from Cuba

“I was stuck at the low reading and speaking score for years. Sherlen’s lessons made it possible for me to get a high score in both skills. She is a very knowledgeable teacher in TOEFL exam preparation. Her materials and resources are excellent!”Antoun A. a pharmacist from Egypt
“Six months ago people told me politely that I spoke good English as a Chinese speaker. Six months later people now ask me curiously if I speak Chinese! What happened exactly during that six months? Sherlen corrected my pronunciation mistakes that I carry from my native language to English. I started to notice the natural speech components of English language such as linking sounds, sentence and word stress and the intonation of English and mastered these concepts in producing them correctly in my speech. I can never say thank you enough to Sherlen for being such a wonderful and a knowledgeable teacher to me as she diagnosed my “pains” precisely, fixed them up effectively and fought them back furiously.”Annabel H. from China
I got 26 on speaking! Thanks to you, Sherlen, of course!

I also got 28 on reading, and 27 on listening. With this score (104), I am eligible to a scholarship at NYU and Yale. That’s great!

I would like to thank you for your competent teaching. Your job was excellent, and really helped me. It was an honor being your student!”P.C- a lawyer from Brazil