See from students, pharmacists, dentists, and physical therapists like yourself how Sherlen can make your dream a reality. You can be our next success story!

“I have seen many follow ups, real people who passed the TOEFL and you were and still are the key factor in this success and now they are in the right place, helping and interacting effectively in their society.”

– Hussam Wahbi

I am an International dentist from Syria.  First of all, I want to thank Sherlen for the help and support she provided  me to achieve the desired score 104  in TOEFL.

After finishing the boards, I started preparing for TOEFL and attempted the test 4 times back to back as I was advised by some people. Then I realized that there must be something missing here and decided to get professional help. Sherlen is the key to this success.  She helped me to improve the reading from 18 to 28 in one month, and in speaking, I got 26 for the first time after being stuck in 24 trap.

I really appreciate your effort in helping us (International Professionals).

I had seen many follow-ups, real people who passed the TOEFL and you were and still are the key factor in this success, and now they are in the right place, helping and interacting effectively in their society. Since I am one of them, I would like to share my journey after you helped me.

After finishing the application process for dental schools, I received two school interviews so far and got accepted in both schools. There is more to come, but I will stop here because the school of choice is one of top 10 dental schools in the USA and I got it (the University of Pennsylvania, School of Dental Medicine).

Just a brief review of the interview that got me accepted in this school, in which your teaching methods in speaking and writing helped me to earn this acceptance.

In the interview there was a writing task, mine was about music, a topic that I had never learned to write or talk about it, but I did. My point here is that your methods help in any situation ( Toefl, professions, and life experiences).

In the personal interview, the program director literally said” I have interviewed a lot of candidates, but none of them speaks fluently as you do”.  Here again, I remember your advice and guidance in speaking naturally.

My experience in TOEFL with you taught me that what you give us is not just for the test, but for lifetime success in our professions.

Thank you again and again.

 Hussam Wahbi


First, I must thank GOD for guiding me to Sherlen. I still insist that she is a magician.

What I really want to say to everyone is: never give up and trust my words because I was in this situation for 18 exams and this was really frustrating because of many things like stressful and expensive exams, cost of living in the USA and the burden of having a family with you.

For test takers, my advice, which is very important, is that you must find professional assistance because we think that we can get 26 in speaking because we are doing good in other areas. But the fact is that I am not a native speaker, and I’ll never know what is wrong with my speaking. It is very important to know your weakneses and after that understanding how to fix the weaknesses.

And trust me in this area,  Sherlen is the best. She is able to tell you what your problem is and how to fix it the first time she hears you, and this is the key to 26. And that is why I think she is a magician because she did what others were unable to do. She has the knowledge and the experience to do this and to be a magician. I tried other tutors, but they did not help. They told me that I was doing well, but this was wrong. These false claims encouraged me to take more exams and get more 24 or 23.

That is why taking the exam without the right help is the worst thing to do to yourself because you will lose your self-confidence and will waste a lot of money and this will put you under huge stress.

In the end, I must thank Sherlen for helping me in achieving my dream, and she really deserves more than this.

Ahmed, a pharmacist from Egypt

I have come to realize that a great teacher is a great artist and that there only a few who deserve such recognition. I start with my deepest appreciation to Sherlen, one of the best and most professional instructors I have had the pleasure of working with.

Sherlen goes beyond teaching TOEFL English. She supports and inspires me to push myself without limit towards success. I know this to be a fact as I share my successes up to this point.

When I started taking private lessons with Sherlen, my writing score was 22. Today, my score is a 27. Also, my speaking score went from 20 to 26.

Unlike students who take the TOEFL test a few times and pass, I have found the test to be not only stressful but nerve-racking. Since 2016, I have taken the exam 14 times with no real success. My overall scores would fluctuate from 78 to 85. I reached out to Sherlen for help, not just for improving my English, but to help me stay focused on my dream to be a pharmacist. After the initial assessment, Sherlen showed my weaknesses, and would continue to update my progress with each lesson. She helped me be more assertive, focused and to stay on track. From the many test failures, I felt numbed but no more. I am passionate and more confident in my speaking, and writing.

The most essential thing Sherlen has done is her unique shadowing technique for 26. I would repeat the sounds, the choice of words and how the words are connected to each other for excellent topic development many times. Any time of the day or night, I would repeat the shadowings she created for me after correcting and editing my own responses with native-like phrases and natural English. When I was cooking, driving, I would hear Sherlen’s voice for the responses.

For the last exam, I really focused on shadowing because, during the lasts tests, I would draw a blank in the middle of the test as if my mind was frozen — however, this time I stayed on track with Sherlen’s shadowing in my mind. When the speaking section started, I forgot everything except Sherlen’s voice! I imitated her speech as much as I could towards a speaking score of 26, and I could not be any happier. I remembered how she was speaking with a lot of energy and enthusiasm, stressing certain words more than others! This time, I got 26! Her shadowing method is awesome!

No words can describe my appreciation for what Sherlen has done for me up to this point. I am continuing with Sherlen to improve my reading as well because I missed the reading score with one point this time! With the tools I have learned, I know I will succeed!

 N.T. a pharmacist from Egypt

I took my first TOEFL exam in 2014 and I got 76. Unfortunately, I didn’t meet all of the required scores on all sections. I thought I was very close on pursuing my dream and I didn’t need help. That was my biggest mistake. I took TOEFL 10 times more and still didn’t get my dream score. Then, I decided that I needed to work with a tutor again.

I contacted Sherlen after I saw one of her Facebook posts. She replied immediately. After listening to my speaking response, she figured out my weaknesses and my strengths. She told that I speak in a choppy way which makes it hard for the listener to understand me and I talk like I am reading from a book and I should sound more spontaneous and natural. In her lessons, we worked on fixing my mistakes, topic development, and accent reduction. We worked together for four months.

Without her feedback, I wouldn’t be able to get my dream score. Sherlen is an experienced TOFEL teacher who knows exactly what the ETS raters want.
My advice to all students is to be patient. Improving your score takes time and requires effort and dedication. Also, studying with a tutor is the best investment. Stop taking the exam over and over without knowing your mistakes.

                                                      Noura, a pharmacist from Jordan

“I have come to realize that a great teacher is a great artist and that there only a few who deserve such recognition. I start with my deepest appreciation to Sherlen, one of the best and most professional instructors I have had the pleasure of working with.”

                                                           N.T.- pharmacist, Egypt

“And trust me in this area,  Sherlen is the best. She is able to tell you what your problem is and how to fix it  the first time she hears you, and this is the key to 26. And that is why I think she is a magician because she did what others were unable to do. She has the knowledge and the experience to do this and to be a magician. I tried other tutors, but they did not help.”

– Ahmed- Pharmacist, Egypt

Only those TOEFL takers who need 26 on speaking and 24 on writing understand the frustration that I had for more than a year. Writing a success story had become a dream for me, and I didn’t know who I would be honored to write for. I had so many coaches.

On August 2017, I received my result, speaking 24 and writing 21, which I was stuck in. I promised myself to pass in the next exam that I had booked, September 21.

I chatted  with Sherlen via Facebook and asked:  ” do you guarantee that I get 26 if I get the intensive package with you?” She answered, ” do you guarantee that you do whatever I ask you to do ?“

Guess what! I got  26 both for speaking and writing on September 21st; however my reading and listening were not satisfying. I took three more exams after that every other week without continuing classes with Sherlen. My speaking was 24, 23, and 27, which was my last TOEFL exam in my life. I admit that for the last exam,  I reviewed my homework with Sherlen two days before the exam. Good news: She doesn’t abuse and degrade students like some teachers do. She doesn’t play games with students, and she doesn’t charge overpriced. She is sincere, calm and realistic. I was truly comfortable to have 18 classes with her, and I feel my accent jumped into a less embarrassing level within a month. If you like to know how her class works for you, you should answer this question sincerely, ” do you guarantee that you do whatever an experienced teacher asks you to do?”

 Roya, a pharmacist from Iran


On the last day of March speaking group lessons, I want to share my unique experience with everyone worldwide. Joining Ms. Sherlen’s March group lessons were really very valuable experience for me. I think she is the most professional TOEFL instructor I have ever seen!

I took a lot of TOEFL courses with many different instructors, but just all I gained was wasting time and money and getting no benefit at all! The uniqueness of Ms. Sherlen’s strategy in her class is that she indulges into our brain and informs us exactly what our weaknesses are to improve and our strengths to focus on very well.

Also, we were surrounded by a variety of valuable resources which we cannot find anywhere else. I learned how to speak fluently and spontaneously exactly as the TOEFL raters need. She taught me unique strategies to study and how to increase my self-confidence.

By her continuous and comprehensive feedback on our weekly assignments, we never repeated any mistakes, as this feedback included editing, shadowing, and important advice.

During the course we did not feel embarrassed by her feedback at all; because Ms. Shereln directs us in an elegant and funny way!

Finally; with the group members, I got a great benefit from listening to everyone’s style and learn very well and at the same time she worked with me individually as I am in a private class! Really, I recommend everyone to invest his/ her time, money and effort by joining the group class. There is no more time to waste!

Thank you so much Ms. Sherlen, proud of being your student in March group lessons!

                                                 Hoda, an Egyptian Ph.D. student 

Please, never give up and work hard until the TOEFL monster disappears from your path! I’m a very busy mother of two gorgeous kids. I hope my experience is going to help you because some students’ reviews made me contact Sherlen Solen Tanner who is an amazing teacher and who helped me pass the TOEFL exam.

I’m a foreign graduate pharmacist from Europe and passed FPGEE in April 2014. For more than two years after passing FPGEE, I didn’t take the TOEFL exam. I studied for some months on and off by myself and sometimes with other friends of mine. And in May 2016, I got a total score of 99, with a 26 in speaking but unluckily, I failed because my writing score was 23.

So after this, I thought I was only 1 point way from passing it and all I needed to do was to focus and practice more. But no! No way! It took me 2 more years to pass it after 7 more tests and of course, more money spent.

You might understand the frustration and stress I was experiencing, once I improved writing and I couldn’t pass speaking. I was so stressed during speaking part and I sounded like a robot while talking. during that time,  I was reading these real numerous reviews from other students about Sherlen’s classes, so I bought a package of her Speaking Studio Group Classes in May!

It was a different experience and I loved her group lessons! She is such a sweet and professional teacher. Our class wasn’t that big so we all had the chance to talk and get Sherlen’s feedback. We benefitted from others’ responses and were able to access the feedback Sherlen was giving offline to each of the other students of the group, too.

She organized a study schedule every day and it was one of the most important study guides for success. If you guys can’t make your own study schedule and keep yourselves motivated to study, Sherlen’s group classes are the right ones for you.

Sherlen gave me endless emotional support that stopped me from giving up. She persuaded my mind while convincing me that I could make it! And she was right! She helped me to increase my speaking score to 27 and make my dream come true!

Eventually, on July 7, 2018, I took the test again and finally I made it. R25-L27-S27-W28. So I’m profoundly thankful to Sherlen for all they did for me. I strongly recommend you guys to work with these wonderful teachers and do whatever they ask you to do if you want to succeed, too. Please, keep in mind that without your consistent effort and hard work, their help isn’t enough.

                                                          A pharmacist from Europe

I took the TOEFL exam 7 times, but I was stuck with 24 in speaking part. Then I decided to take the group lessons with Sherlen. I am lucky that the group was amazing, and Sherlen worked very hard to improve our levels. She worked with me by correcting the grammar errors, by teaching how to stay strong, stay focused, and how I can overcome my own specific weaknesses. After I finished the course, I booked for an exam on February 24, and I passed the exam on my 8th trial. Thank you Sherlen!!!

                                                        Tamara, a pharmacist from Iraq

Finally and after several trials to pass TOEFL, my nightmare for a year and a half ended and I did it. I have to admit that Sherlen played a great role in my success. I joined one of her group lessons in December. Actually, she was very supportive. She gave each one in the group enough time to speak, and that was very important for me as I was missing talking with people in English without feeling embarrassed. Her technique is unique as I worked with other tutors before I started to attend her classes. Writing my spontaneous answer was very helpful as it helped me to spot my mistakes. Her evaluation was very important for me as she focused on each word in my answer and corrected each mistake. I can also say, that she was very motivating. While I was very frustrated, her trust that I can pass made me so enthusiastic to work harder. Sherlen gave me the self-confidence that most of the TOEFL students need to pass, something that is even more important than answering questions correctly. I really recommend her lessons for TOEFL test takers as I believe that these classes will be their first step to start their new lives without this annoying exam.

Mona, an Egyptian pharmacist

I took the TOEFL exam 7 times, but I was stuck with 24 in speaking part. Then, I decided to take the group lessons with Sherlen. I am lucky that the group was amazing, and Sherlen worked very hard to improve our levels.

Tamara, a pharmacist from Iraq

I tried many tutors but I made no progress. Finally, I met the right tutor, Sherlen. She is the one who motivated me and helped me get my scores! After 4 months of classes with her, I finally received all the scores I needed for my pharmacy license. She made me feel confident. I was calm and less stressed when I was taking the exam. Sherlen always told me to be patient and not give up! She would say, “Act like a warrior , and not as a loser! Keep studying consistently with a routine every day”. I am glad I listened to her!

 Amine Oussau, a pharmacist from Morocco

First of all, I want to thank Sherlen for her effort not only to let me pass TOEFL with the scores required for my license but also for improving my language skills.

Here is my story with TOEFL. I have been taking the exam since 2015 to get 26 in speaking which is the required score to pass the language requirements for my license. I took it 11 times and my score ranged from 23-24. I became financially and psychologically drained. But, God is always good. He sent me the miracle Sherlen. She evaluated me with a score analysis and we started together to tackle each aspect of the speaking section to improve it.

I took private sessions for 2 months. During this time, I took the exam and I still got 24 but I was not angry at all, however, I was surprised that I got 3.5 out of 4 ( good) in question 4 and 6. That’s why I invested my money for another month with Sherlen Solen Tanner. In these private sessions, I knew her method of teaching was very effective. Also, she helped me out psychologically which was really helpful to pass my exam. I took the exam the second time and I passed with a total score of 106 and speaking score 26. That’s why I advise all to invest their money with her instead of attempting to take the exam many times.

Albeir, a pharmacist from Egypt

Sherlen really works on the weaknesses that you currently have and creates a very effective plan to correct them. I had a lot of grammar mistakes and accent problems. Although I had 23 in speaking in my first TOEFL exam, with repetition and studying hard, I ended up scoring 29 in speaking after 4 months. Sherlen has very unique strategies that help not only for English language proficiency but also for teaching the brain how to make connections for fast progress. She will help you and give you feedback on your answers but you need to work with her to really benefit from her knowledge and her ways of teaching. It’s all about precision and doing your part of this equation. She really cares for all of her students and if you really suffered a lot from this stressful exam, it would be amazing to start working with Sherlen. I really appreciate the effort and the warm support that I had from Sherlen and Steve during this time when TOEFL exam results were very critical for my life. If I didn’t meet them when I first moved to the US, it would be hard for me to pass the exam in such a short time.

 Amro, a pharmacist from Egypt

I tried TOEFL one time when I was in India but couldn’t get the required scores. I got 24 in Speaking at that time. I received  my TOEFL result recently. I was surprised to see 26 in speaking, thanks to Sherlen! One of my friends recommended me her classes. I was worried and anxious about TOEFL because my requirements were high to become a licensed physical therapist in Washington state. After joining her individual session classes, I felt confident that I could do it and achieve my goal. She not only gave me proper guidance about how to speak like a native speaker, what phrases were important to use in speaking, but also helped me to improve my grammar and pronunciation. She also found my weaknesses which I  needed to focus on. When I was doing practice with her, she always corrected my mistakes and told me to do shadowing, which really helped me a lot to speak smoothly like native English speakers. I definitely respect her hard work and recommend her classes if you really want to achieve your targeted scores.

 Kinjal Joshi, a physical therapist from India

I strongly recommend Sherlen to anyone who faced the same trouble with TOEFL as I did. With only few lessons with her, I was able to target my weak points and improve. I became much more confident in the speaking sections and finally got my required score after being stuck at 23 and 24 for a long time. I was able to write a much better essay with her advice and got a score of 27 that I never got before. I was calm during tbe exam knowing that she was there to help me with lessons. That calmness was another key factor in my success this time.

Finally I will be able to look for the next step. This nightmare is finally over.

           G.T a pharmacist from Egypt

I just passed the Toefl exam with the required scores for my pharmacy license and got 28 in the speaking section.

I was struggling in the speaking section for a year and a half, and the exam was a nightmare for me. I was so disappointed, and I lost my self-confidence. But last month I decided to join the group lessons with Sherlen Solen Tanner. It was the best experience ever for me. I honestly found my self there. She was able to put me on the right track, and she increased my self-confidence to a great extent. She taught me how to be relaxed and calm while answering the speaking section and I think that’s what I was missing in the exams that I had before. Being relaxed and confident in the speaking section increases your ability to concentrate and speak clearly.  The most important thing in the group lessons is the idea of speaking in front of other people who will analyze your answer. This helped me alot to overcome my fears of speaking. I am so thankful to her, and I recommend her lessons for everyone who needs to pass the TOEFL. Again, thank you Sherlen Solen Tanner for your effort

    M.H. a pharmacist from Egypt

I am very thankful to you for my TOEFL success. This will feel like a big essay to you but I am very happy that my TOEFL journey ended nicely. I am a pharmacist and I had attended your fluency classes (Task1 and Task2) in December. 

At first, I studied by myself from watching videos on Facebook and YouTube. So I studied on my own thinking that I could do it in my next attempt, but I was stuck in 24 for and I was very disappointed. After my fifth attempt, I took your fluency classes in December.

 You always pointed out the mistakes in my responses and told me to develop a personal story. I made a new one as you suggested and you further corrected it and you commented under it by saying “Excellent topic development with details and examples. Good job!”. This comment is an unforgettable moment in my life as I got a good comment from a TOEFL teacher. After my class, when I couldn’t develop any ideas for my independent tasks, I used to remember your remarks and it was indeed an inspiration for me to study further.

Please, keep motivating the students because confidence is an important factor in the TOEFL journey. I passed the exam. I couldn’t even imagine that one day I would.  I am a TOEFL warrior like you always say. Thank you once, again mam.

                                 A pharmacist from India

First of all, I want to take my hat off to teacher “Sherlen” for her patience and effective guidance during my review. Here is my story…After trying several (around 6) TOEFL online review courses, I finally found ESA. The Nursing commission in the state of Washington requires me to have a TOEFL speaking score of 26, and I got it. It took only 1 test. I passed the test without any difficulty and I got a speaking score of 27. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to especially my teacher SHERLEN and of course to JAIME MILLER in providing consistent support throughout the review.


– Lizette Rodriguez


I’ve been studying for TOEFL since 2016, and in my view, the group sessions are one of the best ways to study for the speaking section.

I think that by participating in those groups, I’m able not only to get prepared for the TOEFL exam, but I ’m also able to learn the correct pronunciation, accent reduction, and grammatical rules.

Also, you create a comfortable place to study, without pressure, where the members support each other.

But the main reason why I like those classes is that I can compare my answers with other members’ responses. It’s so good because I’m learning different ways to improve the quality of my answers.

Thank you Sherlen and thank you guys for making this process easier for me.

 Paulo- occupational therapist, Brazil

Hi, my name is Hussam. I’m a pharmacist and I took the TOEFL exam many times, and I usually scored 100 and above in total, but I was stuck in the speaking part between 23-24. Also, I tried many tutors and online classes, and most of them couldn’t find my problem and they used to say that I have advanced skills and there is no reason to be stuck in that part. Finally, I decided to get Sherlen’s private lessons as a last resort, and luckily she could find my weaknesses in two classes.

Actually, I can’t describe how she did it but the only thing I can say is that she has a magic touch to let me pass that nightmare. Also, she is a professional tutor that has the ability to find out our weaknesses and provides accurate advice in order to get high scores.

Thanks, Sherlen for all the help and support you provided me, and I hope you would help others to get the required scores.

I hope all the best for you in your life. Keep going!! You are the best tutor ever.

                Hussam, a pharmacist from Iraq


Sherlen, you help me to organize my ideas and express my thoughts smoothly and naturally !! I start to feel more confident also I love the motivational spirit you created among the classmates.

Your classes are really creative. You select classmates at the same level so they can motivate each other. Moreover, you are creative when it comes to the teaching methods. So you know how to keep your students on track and just guide them with motivational spirit.

– A pharmacist from Syria

I graduated from Dental School in Cuba, and like many other foreign dentists who live in the United States, I wanted to continue my professional field and be able to practice dentistry in the U.S.

About six months ago, I took the TOEFL test, and my score was low. I got a total of 73 getting 17 on Reading, 21 on Listening, 20 on Speaking and 15 on Writing. When I received the results, I felt depressed and hopeless because I knew that the application open date would come soon, and I didn’t have the necessary score for being accepted in any program. That was the moment when I realized that I was heading in the wrong direction regarding my preparation for TOEFL.

I thought working with a private TOEFL teacher would be the best way to get a high score and Sherlen seemed to be a competent and knowledgeable teacher with experience. So, we worked together for five months, and our classes turned out to be extremely effective. Professor Sherlen taught me not only the English language, which is hard by itself, but also the needed tips to nail the exam. She focused on my weaknesses in every specific topic and she helped me to be more analytical. At the same time, she guided me to apply strategies in a smart way for improving all my reading, listening and writing skills. After a while, I felt more confident with the English language.  Also, I was able to communicate my ideas in the complex writing part using the amazing study materials that Sherlen provided.

I finally took the TOEFL test, I ended up getting 102 at the end. My score went from 73 to 102, with 26 in Speaking, which was much higher than what I expected to have, so I’m really happy and blessed about that.  A 26 in speaking allows me to apply to a university like Howard or Michigan.

If you are a foreign dentist who is trying to apply to the international dental programs and you need a competitive score in TOEFL, I am pleased to highly recommend professor Sherlen. She will contribute greatly to your success as a dentist in the United States.

Thank you so much for your help, Sherlen. It was an honor being your student!

– Yanairde Somarriba

Christmas present comes earlier this year!!!!
Nothing could make me feel happier than this great news!!!!
After a year of studying, I did nothing except study, cry, and stress over and over. It finally ends.

Thank you, Sherlen Solen Tanner, for being a great mentor, for being with me from the beginning until the end. You have taught me so much.

I’m so lucky to have Sherlen as my TOEFL tutor. We worked together on and off for almost one year and she is a big part of my success helping me go through this long, arduous journey.

Before I met her, I was so desperate to get 26 in speaking. My first score is 18 and I knew that I spoke with incorrect grammar but I had no idea about how to fix it. Because of her experience, she was very confident that she could help me to improve.

During the time I worked with Sherlen, she was able to identify my weaknesses and helped me fix them. I followed her advice completely. I studied really hard and never gave up.

Getting 26 on speaking is a very difficult part. My main goal is to speak English more fluently with the correct grammar and pronunciation. I practiced tone and pronunciation. I fixed my fossilized grammar mistakes through flashcards. I realized that I have to speak with confidence and understanding.

Sherlen is not just a teacher but also a family member who encourages me to keep fighting. I attribute my success to her!

Thanks, TOEFL for bringing me to meet with Sherlen. She improved my accent, pronunciation, and grammar. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be as fluent as this.

Tanwirat, a pharmacist from Thailand

She an amazing teacher. I learned so much from her about how to be prepared for a difficult test like TOEFL. I’m so lucky that I have her as my teacher and she also played a big role in my success.

At first, studying with Sherlen was like I was in a new world. She introduced me to OneNote which is a software that could help me practice and study TOEFL easier. My target score was overall 85 + speaking 26. We worked together as a team, and she helped me improve my English skills in every section.

During our classes, in reading a section, Sherlen and I went through what kind of questions that I had trouble with, and then she explained how to think and identify the reading articles and answered those questions correctly. In a Listening section, when I had a question, I would ask her about the meaning of what the professor said in the lectures or some unusual vocabulary. The main focus was on speaking questions. I had a lot of problems in speaking because of my pronunciation, my grammar, and my intonation. Sherlen helped me by introducing me to the “accent reduction” concept to help me with my pronunciation. She taught me how to reduce words and some rules that I needed to remember, and pointed out when I made mistakes. Also, when we practiced, she fixed my grammar and taught me to use it how to use it correctly. We made flashcards of my pronunciation and grammar mistakes so I could remember them and never make the same mistakes again. Because of all of these, I speak more fluently, naturally, and confidently. In the writing section, Sherlen helped me to create more specific thesis sentences. They helped improve my writing scores because they were clearer and easier to understand than I wrote.

Thank you Sherlen so much for being such a great teacher. I remember the time that I wasn’t confident if I would be able to get the speaking score that I needed. Sherlen and Steve listened to my responses together and told me that it was a great response and they both encouraged me to keep doing it. She treats me like I’m part of her family and I very much appreciate it.

Thank you Sherlen for being part of my journey. Finally, I did it. I’m so proud and honored to be one of her successful students.

March, a registered nurse from Thailand

The first time I took the TOEFL test my score, 76, was not good. I did not have any tutor at that time. After that attempt ,I was very disappointed. A friend of mine recommended that I take private classes with Sherlen. My friend worked with her in the past and increased her TOEFL score by 25 points.

I’ve been attending Sherlen’s classes for three months. During this time, Sherlen has helped me a lot. She gave me the strategies for improving my reading, listening and writing skills. Here are some that helped me to improve my score by 20 points:

Understanding the passage and connecting information while reading is really important. I applied all the Active Reading strategies she taught me.

I worked in my vocabulary. I used to make Flashcards with the words I did not know the meaning and at least 3 or 4 days per week I used to review all the new words by reading them in sentences out loud.

Working with the listening transcripts of the lectures in the listening part helped me a lot. Sherlen always recommended me that I use the transcripts to improve my listening skills.

Getting feedback on the writing essays that I wrote is the best way of improving writing.

I still need to work on my speaking and writing skills but I am more than happy with the results.

Thank you Sherlen again and I will continue with your class until I get the score that I need.

Darlenis- dentist, Cuba ( She has been accepted to Boston University, dental school)

Glory be to God forever! Jesus sent me my Christmas present.
The day that I was dreaming about came true. Every time Sherlen was posting a new testimonial for one of the TOEFL warriors, I was telling myself that I must be one of them. It was a long journey, and I kept fighting with the TOEFL for more than 4 years. I took the test 19 times and I passed it on the 20th.

First of all, thanks to the wonderful, powerful, and professional teacher Sherlen Tanner. Sherlen was always on my side. She surrounded me by her professional knowledge, great support, and love. If you want a teacher to motivate, support, and help you in your journey, you won’t find someone better than Sherlen. Sherlen is a knowledgeable person and her strategies are very effective. She was able to detect my weaknesses from the first class. Her advice was the way to succeed and make such great improvements to get 28 in Speaking after being stuck at 23, 24 for a long time! Thank you Sherlen.

For TOEFL warriors: please never give up. I remember when I was feeling frustrated, I told Sherlen ” you know what, I will never give up.” Sherlen believed in me, and she told me that I would pass.

My advice about the exam; -practice, practice, practice…practicing and repetition are the keys to be confident.
Use flashcards to get rid of your fossilized mistakes (one of powerful Sherlen’s tips.)
Shadow questions 3,5,4,6 with audio transcripts and hunt phrases and verbs that you can use and write them down on your flashcards. That is very helpful to improve your pronunciation and vocabulary (Thanks Sherlen for teaching me that)
Finally, but the most important thing, believe in yourself. You don’t have to be 100% correct to pass. But, you need to sound intelligible and clear. (Sherlen teaches how with many strategies)


Enas, a  pharmacist from Egypt

I am really excited and thankful to Sherlen for my TOEFL scores. She is an amazing professional teacher. The way she gives her lessons is unique. Her students never feel distracted while learning from her. Her classes are attractive, engaging, and enjoyable. She will remain one of my favorite sources of inspiration.

I would definitely recommend every TOEFL warrior to join Sherlen’s classes. I am glad to be her student. If you want to be successful or need your desired scores, you have to be determined and work under some guidance. I did the mistake of not taking help from any teacher in my previous 2 attempts. But after joining Sherlen’s classes, I realized where my mistakes are, and she is the reason why I achieved my TOEFL scores.

Learning a language is not easy. We will keep making mistakes if no one corrects us. TOEFL is not an academic exam where you have your syllabus and you just have to read it. It is about knowing your errors and correcting them with an expert. We really need to erase our mistakes in English from our unconscious mind, which can only be possible with the help of a good and polite teacher like Sherlen. So, if you want to achieve your goals soon, then, please don’t overthink and join Sherlen’s classes.

I was only expecting speaking 26 but because of her, I also got 24 in writing.

Thanks for all the support. I really appreciate your help. I’ve never seen such a passionate and kind teacher.

Priya, a physical therapist, India