for non-native English speaking lawyers

It is possible to be the same highly successful lawyer in English
that you are in your native language.

Confident communication is the key to success
in the 21st-century business world.

We are here to help lawyers from around the world excel in using English for professional purposes


Legal English communication course with a focus on accent reduction, and clear-sounding, fluent English

Week 1

American/ British business culture and cross-cultural communication

Week 2

Negotiations for lawyers

Week 3

Using Advanced Vocabulary to communicate more fluently and professionally 

Week 4

Communication in meetings and calls- Role playing. 

Week 5

Grammar for lawyers 

Week 6

Accent reduction with TED-Talks

Week 7

Accent reduction on speaking smoothly

Week 8

Accent reduction by reading and discussing related legal articles focusing on speaking fluently with clear-sounding English

Week 9

Deliver effective presentations

Week 10

Write professional emails

The 10-week course is designed for non-native English-speaking lawyers who wish to improve their written and oral communication skills in English with clients and colleagues. You will get several opportunities to practice speaking in discussions, negotiations, meetings, debates, and role-playing scenarios to improve your fluency and maximize opportunities to develop your overall English abilities. Every session focuses on vocabulary, grammar, and accent reduction for clear-sounding English. 

If you are a lawyer with English as a second language, look no further!  The course can be taken one-to one or in a small group with personalized attention.  

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Our language training is unique because it focuses specifically on clear speech and accent reduction for lawyers. Many language classes offer general language instruction with communication skills only, but our program recognizes the specific challenges that non-native English speaking lawyers face with clarity of speech.

By focusing on clear speech and accent reduction, the program helps lawyers to improve their pronunciation, intonation, and overall articulation. This is particularly important in legal settings where precision and clarity of communication are critical to success. Lawyers can enhance their professional image and credibility, build stronger relationships with clients and colleagues, and succeed in a global legal marketplace.




Legal english pearson 2

This course is ideal for all those who wish to practice law on the international stage.  

The course consists of speaking, listening, reading, and writing for all types of legal texts and situations, from meetings to court proceedings. Click hereto see the course and textbook e-brochure. 

The course will help you overcome your legal English problems and expand your general legal skills and knowledge of essential contract and commercial law topics by dealing with the following 10 legal units (4 lessons in each unit):

Unit 1

Introduction to the English Legal System 

Unit 2

Contract Law

Unit 3

Torts and Insurance Law 

Unit 4

Business Structures 

Unit 5

Company Law

Unit 6

Criminal Law

Unit 7

Property Law

Week 8

Intellectual Property Law

Unit 9

Alternative Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Unit 10

International Commercial Transactions

The course is delivered by 40 live broadcast lessons of 60 minutes each, followed by written home-tasks. The lessons are recorded and can be viewed again for up to 12 months, for participants who may miss a live broadcast or wish to review the material.

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About me

And it breaks my heart to see you, the non-native English professional, not working at the level you deserve in the US only because of language barriers.

It is my job to find solutions for your English language needs.
I’m an English teacher with 15 years of experience and an exam coach who helps students get unstuck and finally learn the effective strategies to be successful in achieving high scores in TOEFL-IBT exam. I also specialize in teaching accent reduction to achieve natural sounding, clear English.


  • Graduate Certificate in Teaching English as a second language from Northern Illinois University.
  • Completed TOEFL exam training by English Success Academy and specialized as an exam coach.
  • Worked as an ESL Instructor at Elgin Community College (Chicagoland area), City Colleges of Chicago and University of North Carolina, English Language Training Institute.
  • Extensive experience teaching TOEFL at the English Success Academy.
  • Worked with many exam students from Brazil, Mexico, Japan, China, Iran, Vietnam, Turkey, Cuba and Russia. I have experience in understanding how each nation’s native language interferes with the English language.



Sherlen Tanner English Exam Coaching is your place to finally learn how to take the TOEFL test, achieve a 26+ in speaking, and learn the dynamics of accent reduction, TOEFL test-taking and TOEFL test-prep skills, reading, writing, and English language fluency and mastery all under the guidance of an exam coach and her team.