Speak Clearly, Naturally, and Confidently with Our Accent Reduction Program

Speak Clearly, Naturally, and Confidently with Our Accent Reduction Program

Hello, International English Speaker!

I am Sherlen and I’m the one behind all the action here!

As an experienced linguistics specialist, accent coach, and exam tutor,  I’m committed to helping you  communicate clearly and confidently in English. 

I started my business because I’m passionate about helping people like you so you will love the way you sound  and speak English clearly without stress! We will overcome all the obstacles you face, and you can confidently  become a crystal-clear, engaging speaker in your career. 

When you apply the techniques and practices I teach, you can immensely improve how you sound, interact, and feel when you speak English.  

Sherlen Tanner

I’ve worked with speakers of Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Hebrew, Japanese, Chinese, Hindi, Romanian, Turkish, Serbian, Hungarian, French, Thai, Vietnamese, Farsi, and many more.

For years, you focused on:

You dedicated your days and nights to mastering the English language and spent hours studying, practicing and learning.

Be proud of yourself!

You’ve done a great job learning another language!

But maybe you feel like you could be doing more

Does this sound like you?

Are you a non-native English learner who wants to fine-tune your English skills so that you feel more confident in daily life? You just want to be comfortable when you interact with other native speakers, your children’s teachers, or just anybody in the supermarket! You want to experience the same comfort when you speak your own native language.

You are a successful lawyer, but your strong accent can make it hard for you to communicate with clients, coworkers, and the court. You know how important clear and concise communication is in your job, and you work hard to make sure that your message is easy for everyone to understand.

You are a healthcare professional, and your accent could make it hard for you to communicate with patients, coworkers, and medical staff. You know how important effective communication is for giving the best care, and you want to improve your speech and clarity so you can connect better with your patients and coworkers.

You are an IT professional, and you may face difficulties in explaining technical concepts to clients, coworkers, or during presentations due to your accent. You are well aware that clear communication is vital in the dynamic field of information technology, and you are determined to refine your pronunciation and speech patterns to facilitate seamless collaboration and comprehension with your audience.

It’s time to make a change.

Master Confident and Clear Communication with LangSolution 

Transforming your speech is easier than you think! 

I am a cancer research scientist from India. When I started working at the Mayo Clinic, people had difficulty understanding me. I felt frustrated and did not speak with confidence. Now, I have less pronunciation mistakes and I communicate easily with my colleagues after working with Sherlen. She created a great plan for me and her lessons were really fun and very engaging. 

Oncologist, Mayo clinic 


Our unique method is based on research-backed principles of motor learning and a sequence of goals, lessons, materials, and tasks that are made just for you. The main goal is to make changes to your words that will last for a long time in as little time as possible.

You’ll train your ear to recognize your own mistakes and train your mouth to use the sounds, pronunciations, rhythm, intonation, and other features of American English.  

Then, you’ll rewire your brain to automatically use the new speech patterns in real conversations, so you can sound great in any speaking situation. 

How Accent Training Works

By learning to recognize and change the sounds and patterns that you unconsciously transfer from your own language to English, you can learn to speak in a way that will allow others to understand you better. With consistent practice and feedback from me every single day, you will start to sound more natural and clear as the days go by. 

Our approach teaches you to hear how your speech is different from Standard American English. By tuning into the patterns and sounds you need to change, you learn to monitor and correct your own speech. It’s that simple – and it works for a lifetime.  We will also teach you how to fluently connect words and make a new habit of using American English rhythm, intonation, linking sounds and oral posture. 

We are currently offering accent reduction training online via Zoom 

Each week, Sherlen will introduce new materials and help you get better at what you’ve already practiced together. You’ll work on correcting your American English at the detailed level of sounds, words, and sentences – always practicing everything in conversation and you’ll be coached on how to use our unique home library of practice texts and recordings to reinforce, refine, and internalize your American accent skills – for life. 


Remember: It is not necessary to sound perfect when you speak English. Your accent sounds cool and unique. It is part of who you are and it connects you with a particular part of the world. You don’t need to downplay yourself or your culture. I will simply help you sound natural, clear and confident.



Reduce your accent so you are understood better.


Target the specific pronunciation mistakes with sounds and words so these mistakes don’t distract from your communication.


Make you aware of the components of the natural speech: stress patterns, intonation, linking, weak and reduced sounds. Your intonation patterns should have the natural English language rhythm so that you don’t articulate every sound of every word separately, pausing and waiting between each word making you sound unclear.


Teach you how to flow smoothly and naturally with the rhythm of English so you are understood better by the others.

Book a strategy session to discuss the program and your plan to have  clear-sounding, natural English.


Sherlen Tanner English Exam Coaching is your place to finally learn how to take the TOEFL test, achieve a 26+ in speaking, and learn the dynamics of accent reduction, TOEFL test-taking and TOEFL test-prep skills, reading, writing, and English language fluency and mastery all under the guidance of an exam coach and her team.