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Sherlen Tanner


Exam and Accent Coach
Curriculum Designer

ESL Instructor

A unique and fast way to study to get 26+ in speaking for the TOEFL exam

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Study like a TOEFL athlete with a self-study course that will change your experience and help you get a score of 26 in speaking! You will know exactly what to focus on each day.

Accelerate your progress and build momentum in TOEFL Speaking with our Fitness Exam Studio and intensive 30-day practice. Benefit from a groundbreaking, data-driven study method using ETS’s SpeechRater software, alongside AI tools and shadowing practice.

Gain access to unique exam strategies for achieving fluency, automaticity, and success

Master Speaking 26 with SpeechRater Data, AI Tools and 30-Day TOEFL Practice

Sherlen will Guide You Every Step Of The Way 

Trust in her experience and passion; she is not just teaching; she’s partnering with you for success. From your first inquiry to mastering your objectives, Sherlen is with you at every turn. With her expertise and dedication, you’ll receive personalized strategies, resources, and consistent encouragement. Whether you’re just starting out or aiming to refine your skills, Sherlen adapts her teaching methods to suit your specific needs. 

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TOEFL® Exam Coaching

Get prepared for the TOEFL exam with our expert guidance, ensuring you have the skills and knowledge to achieve your desired score. 

for Lawyers

English lessons for legal professionals, helping you communicate more effectively in the legal world with a focus on accent reduction and clear-sounding English. 

OET Exam Coaching

Excel in the Occupational English Test (OET) with our specialized coaching, designed specifically for healthcare professionals. 

Accent reduction for International Professionals

Improve your pronunciation and reduce your accent, making your English clearer and more understandable in professional settings. 



Success stories

Our most recent successful students


A dentist from Vietnam got accepted to his dream dental school


A pharmacist from Thailand

 She just started her new job as a licensed pharmacist.



A pharmacist from Syria

She started to work as a licensed pharmacist.



A physical therapist from Nigeria got all the required scores for TOEFL® to work as a physical therapist in the US.


A pharmacist from Palestine

She just got the required scores for TOEFL®. She is on her way to become a licensed pharmacist in the US.


A registered nurse from Thailand  is very excited that she has all the required TOEFL® scores to work as a registered nurse in the US.


A pharmacist from Egypt

She is on her way to become a licensed pharmacist in the US.


A pharmacist from Georgia

She is ready to start taking the next steps to be a licensed pharmacist in the US.


A dentist from Russia

Irina’s final score is 101 after 20 hours of classes with Sherlen in 2 months. She took the TOEFL exam only once.


A pharmacist from Palestine

She is ready to start taking the next steps to be a licensed pharmacist in the US.


A dentist from Armenia

Her dream came true! Boston University was her first choice .


A dentist from Georgia

Congratulations on your acceptance to the DMD Advanced Standing Program class of 2026 at Boston University.


A pediatrician from Jordan

Congratulations on your acceptance to the masters program in Pediatric Infectious Diseases at Oxford University.


A dentist from Cuba

She got all the required scores for the TOEFL® exam and got accepted to her dream dental school.


A registered nurse from Peru

She got all the required scores for the exam, and she can move on to the next step in her career.


A dentist from Iraq

Rasha will start working as a dentist in the US. Congratulations! A picture from the graduation ceremony at the university.

Phuong Nam Tram Vo

A dentist from Vietnam

Started School at UCLA School of Dentistry in 2024


A pharmacist from Jordan

She got all the required scores for the TOEFL® exam.



A registered nurse from Thailand is ready to work in the US.



A pharmacist from Costa Rica

She is on her way to become a licensed pharmacist in the US.


Sherlen Tanner English Exam Coaching is your place to finally learn how to take the TOEFL test, achieve a 26+ in speaking, and learn the dynamics of accent reduction, TOEFL test-taking and TOEFL test-prep skills, reading, writing, and English language fluency and mastery all under the guidance of an exam coach and her team.